About us

CyberDef-CyberSec is a Global Forum about prosperity and security in the cyberspace. It aims to help the industry CEOs and stakeholders answering the questions:

- How structuring the cyberspace to make it safe, reliable and prosperous for the different stakeholders?

- How influencing the adoption of new standards?

- How transforming the stakeholders' investments from the last decade in growing profits?

- How developing academic programs for managers and technicians working on cyberspace security and defense?

- How can leaderships emerge from the current key players?

To cope with these challenges, the CyberDef-CyberSec Forum is leading international conferences, educational seminars and projects for the cyber security and cyber defense communitiy, in collaboration with international defense and security tradeshow organizers, governments and public and private organizations worldwide.

Please contact us for more information about speaking, attending, sponsoring or supporting one of our upcoming events or projects or partnering with us for the organization of a CyberDef-CyberSec Forum in your country.

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