Advisory Board of the CyberDef-CyberSec Forum

CyberDef-CyberSec is a Global Forum about prosperity and security in the cyberspace. It aims to help the industry CEOs and stakeholders answering the questions:


- How to structure the cyberspace to make it safe, reliable and prosperous for the different stakeholders?

- How to influence the adoption of new standards?

- How to transform the stakeholders' investments from the last decade in growing profits?

- How to develop academic programs for managers and technicians working on cyberspace security and defense?

- How can leaderships emerge from the current key players?


To cope with these challenges, the CyberDef-CyberSec Forum is leading international conferences, educational seminars and projects for the cyber security and cyber defense community, in collaboration with international defense and security tradeshow organizers, governments and public and private organizations worldwide.


We are proud to be supported in our mission by the members of the CyberDef-CyberSec Forum Advisory Board.

Dr. Robert Childs

Former Chancellor of the United States National Defense University (NDU) and Deputy to the NDU President for Cyber and Information. Dr. Childs supported the US DoD international outreach efforts by establishing a CIO Academy in Romania, teaching courses in Sweden and Singapore, plus supporting the NATO Cyber Center in Estonia. Dr. Childs has now established iCLEAR LLC, International Cyber Leadership Education and Resources to provide first-tier Cyber Leadership Education to global organizations and governments.


Dr. Frederick Douzet

Dr. Douzet is chairwoman of the Castex Chair of Cyber Strategy and Professor at the French Institute of Geopolitics at University Paris 8.

After studying political sciences at IEP Grenoble and Oxford Brookes University, she graduated from the School of Journalism at UC Berkeley and completed a PhD in geopolitics. 

Dr. Douzet is currently researching geopolitical stakes in cyberspace. In 2015, she received the Cyber Book Award for "Cyberspace: geopolitical issues" published in the geographical and geopolitical review "Hérodote".



General (2S)  Patrice Sartre

Retired French Army general, having served in Africa and former Yugoslavia. Patrice Sartre also served as Deputy Director within the Strategic Affairs Directorate of the French MoD, Military Advisor to the Permanent Representation of France at UNO, Defense Advisor to the French General Secretary for National Defense and Defense Advisor to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He was recently Special Advisor for Sagem Defense and Security. Patrice Sartre is an expert in exportation regulations for defense, security, cyber and dual products and services..

General (2S) Patrick Colas des Francs

General Patrick Colas des Francs is a retired officer of the French Land Army.

During his 34 years of services he served 16 years in operational units, including 10 years as the commander of the 1st Foreign Legion Cavalry Regiment. In 2005 he was nominated Brigadier General as the commander of the French Army Training. 

Since 2009 he is the Managing Director of Coges Events, organizing Eurosatory in Europe, APHS in Asia, Shield Africa and ExpoDefensa in South America.


Mr. Stephane Konan

Stephane Konan is the former IT Security and Forensic Investigation Director for the Department of Homeland Security of Cote d'Ivoire. 

He is now Special Advisor for the Ministry of Homeland Security of Cote d'Ivoire and consultants for international companies in the defense and security industry.

Stephane Konan was a consultant for Cap Gemini, Sun MicroSystems, Atos Origin and for African governments.

He founded Shield Africa, the Defense and Security Exhibition in Sub Saharian Africa.

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