4th CyberDef-CyberSec Conference Speakers

Colonel (promotable) 
Jennifer G. BUCKNER

Commandant, U.S. Army Cyber School
Chief of Cyber/Electronic Warfare 


Colonel Jennifer Buckner is a native of Downers Grove, IL, and graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point in 1990. She is a career Military Intelligence officer, specializing in Signals Intelligence and Electronic Warfare, with numerous assignments at Fort Bragg, NC; Fort Hood, TX; Fort Meade, MD; and the Pentagon in Washington, DC. She has served overseas in Korea, Puerto Rico and Southwest Asia, including two deployments to Iraq, and most recently had joint assignments with the National Security Agency (NSA) and U.S. Cyber Command. After commanding the Army's first Cyber Brigade and attending Harvard's Executive Education Program in Cybersecurity, COL Buckner now serves as Chief of the Army's new Cyber Branch at the U.S. Army Cyber Center of Excellence at Fort Gordon, GA. She was confirmed for promotion to Brigadier General in December 2014.


Mr. Vincent CHAMPAIN

General Manager, GE Digital Foundry Europe


Vincent Champain is General Manager of the first European GE Digital Foundry. Located in Paris, the GE foundry will be a development and expertise centre for digital industrial applications. Building this ecosystem will unlock business value for GE businesses and customers by converting complexity and volume of data, reducing costs and increasing efficiencies via our open cloud-based platform Predix, the only one specifically built for Industrial internet. Prior to this role, Vincent was Leader of Operations for GE France, he worked for McKinsey where he led digital projects and held several positions in the Public Sector especially as Deputy Minister for Policy planning and Digital & Public Policies Evaluation. Twitter: @vchampain.


Dr. Robert CHILDS

Former Chancellor, National Defense University iCollege


Former Chancellor of the United States National Defense University iCollage (NDU) and Deputy to the NDU President for Cyber and Information. Dr. Childs supported the US DoD international outreach efforts by establishing a CIO Academy in Romania, teaching courses in Sweden and Singapore, plus supporting the NATO Cyber Center in Estonia. Dr. Childs has now established iCLEAR LLC, International Cyber Leadership Education and Resources to provide first-tier Cyber Leadership Education to global organizations and governments.


Vice Admiral Arnaud COUSTILLIERE

French Ministry of Defense, General Officer French Cyber Defense


Vice Admiral Arnaud Coustilliere was born in Toulon on the 3rd of November 1960. He has led a distinguished career as a surface warfare officer, commanding officer, and other appointments in the Navy and Joint Defence staff.

Specialised in the field of telecommunications and cyberdefence, he was appointed as the General Officer on Cyberdefence in July 2011. Under direct command of the DCOS Operations of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, with privileged access to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Cabinet military Head of the Minister of Defence, he is in charge of the ministry’s cyberdefence policy and its response in case of cyberattacks.

His experience is complemented by a position at the Joint Chiefs of Staff, since 2008, as Operational Capabilities Manager in the field of telecommunications and cyberdefence.

A distinguished graduate of the Ecole Navale’s class of 1981, Vice Admiral Coustilliere has considerable experience on warships deployed in crisis zones. He has commanded the AA Destroyer “Duquesne” (2004-2006), Frigates “Commandant Bouan” and “d’Estienne d’Orves” (1995-1996) as well as the training ship “Chacal”(1987-1988).

Working at the Naval Action Force HQ and Naval HQ, he has been responsible for the elaboration of the Navy’s doctrine (2004), Naval C4I coordination and office communication and information systems (2006-2008) and acted as Deputy Head of the Navy budget office (2002-2004), Manager of Naval C4I capabilities (1999-2002) and as project officer to Navy Satcom (1991-1994). Vice Admiral Coustilliere is officer of the “Legion d’Honneur” and commander of the “Ordre National du Mérite”. He was also awarded the ‘Croix du Combattant, the “Medaille d’Outre Mer” (Middle East) and the “Médaille de la Défense Nationale” amongst other awards.  


Mr. Philippe DELAUNAY

Cyberdefense Business Development, DCI


Philippe Delaunay is a business manager within the cyber defense department of Défense Conseil International (DCI) since 2014. Graduated from Ecole National Supérieure d’Electricité, d’Electronique, d’Informatique et Hydraulique (Toulouse, France), he holds an degree in engineering. Mr. Delaunay started his career at C.G.I (IBM Global Services) as project manager then joined the DGA (French Ministry of Defense Procurement Agency) as a software acquisition auditor.  He then conducted the transformation of the information system for the International development directorate (DGA/DDI). In 2000 he was named executive director for the French Navy’s ERP program in the SSF (Fleet support department) to conduct requirements analysis, system architecture, the project follow-up and the deployment. Before joining DCI, he was contributing to the export of cybersecurity capabilities for the international development directorate (DGA). 


Major General Stephen FOGARTY

Commanding General, US Army Cyber Center of Excellence


MG Stephen G. Fogarty is the Commanding General of the U.S. Army Cyber Center of Excellence and Fort Gordon. An Intelligence Officer by trade, MG Fogarty serves as the Signal, Cyber and Electronic Warfare proponent. His previous assignments include commander of the 116th MI Group and National Security Agency-Georgia, J-2 for U.S. Central Command, CJ-2 for NATO’s International Security Assistance Force, and Commanding General for the U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command. MG Fogarty is focused on how the Army, in conjunction with joint, intergovernmental, multinational and commercial partners, assures access to critical data and information networks, across multiple domains, that are operating in an increasingly contested and congested Cyber and Electromagnetic Spectrum environment. span> 


Mr. Loïc GUEZO

Cyber Security Strategist Southern Europe,

Trend Micro


Loïc Guézo is CyberSecurity Strategist Southern Europe at Trend Micro and specialist in cyber security. With 25 years’ experience, Loïc is a recognized expert in the field of computer security and risk management. In this newly created position Loic is a trusted advisor to Trend Micro customers and partners in Southern Europe and tasked with overseeing the strategic development in the region. Working with media and trade associations specialized in cyber securite, including CLUSIF, CESIN , ISA-France and ARCSI, Loïc is a leading voice in the region. 



Cyber Security Centre, WMG, University of Warwick


Bil Hallaq is a cyber security researcher with more than 15 years of academic, commercial and industrial experience. He previously spent several years handling and mitigating against various security threats and vulnerabilities within commercial environments. Bil works on various projects including; The identification and application of novel techniques for OSINT, EU E-CRIME Project - comprised of several European partners including Interpol where Bil is working with partners on understanding criminal structures and mapping cybercriminal activities  to produce and recommend effective countermeasures. Other research interests include identifying methods and techniques for cross border cyber attack attribution,  mitigation at scale of complex multi-jurisdictional cyber events, maritime and rail cyber security and digital forensics.


Mr. Laurent HESLAULT

Chief Security Strategist, Symantec


As Director of Cyber-Security Strategies at Symantec, Laurent Heslault is responsible for the development and presentation of Symantec’s solutions and strategies with customers and partners, whether they be security and IT professionals, enterprises, or representatives from consumer organizations (consumer associations, e-commerce specialists …) As official media spokesperson, Mr. Heslault is also responsible for generating awareness and informing varying audiences via the press about the stakes around IT infrastructure, information or identity security, towards cyber-resilience. As security expert and strategist at Symantec, Laurent Heslault regularly speaks during national and international events. Mr. Heslault is also the main interface for official government bodies working on issues related to cyber-crime and cyber-defense.In collaboration with Symantec’s business engineers, he also intervenes during strategic meetings, seminars and prospective sessions.



Chief Research Officer, F-Secure


Mikko Hypponen is a globally known cyber security expert and the Chief Research Officer of F-Secure. He has been reverse engineering malware since 1991. Mr. Hypponen has written on his research for the New York Times, Wired and Scientific American and lectured at the universities of Stanford and Cambridge. He's also the Curator for the Malware Museum at the Internet Archive. 



Cyber Security Advisor, F-Secure


Erka Koivunen is a former head of the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) in Finland. Companies, governments, and a variety of other organizations consult with Erka extensively on everything from risk assessment to incident response, and he has testified as an expert witness for the EU, Finnish, and British Parliaments. Erka Koivunen is now Cyber Security Advisor of F-Secure since 2015.


Mr. Stephane KONAN

Special Advisor, Coordination pour la Sécurité du Cyberespace Gabonaise (CSCG)


Special advisor of the Steering comitee of the CSCG (coordination pour la sécurité du cyberespace gabonais), Libreville, Gabon. Previously, managed and led a large department within the Ministry of Interior of Cote d'Ivoire with several civilians, police and army officers who spear-headed all cyber-criminality investigations, forensic analysis, and the screening of individuals and organizations for the purpose of Ivory Coast national security interests. Collaboratively formulated national policies to mitigate emerging and existing threats to national security and correspondingly developed and executed strategies to mitigate these threats. Developed official partnerships between the Ivory Coast law enforcement communitiy and the international intelligence community such as the FBI (US), the Korean Cyber-Terror Response Unit (Korea), the French Ministy of Defence (Paris), Interpol. Acquired extensive international experience managing national security and intelligence operations in addition to being a regular speaker and evangelist at national security conferences such as Interpol, Afrinic, and various national events. governmentsHe founded Shield Africa, the Defense and Security Exhibition in Sub Saharian Africa.


Mr. Paul KURTZ

Founding Board Member, Cloud Security Alliance


Paul Kurtz is a founding Board member of the Cloud Security Alliance and CEO and Cofounder of TruSTAR Technology. Prior to TruSTAR, Paul held senior positions with CyberPoint International and Good Harbor Consulting. Paul was also the founder and executive director of the Cyber Security Industry Alliance and worked with commercial companies and the US government to share information and raise cybersecurity awareness. Prior to his work in the commercial sector, Paul held senior US government positions including special assistant to the President and senior director for critical infrastructure protection on the White House's Homeland Security Council (HSC). He joined the HSC from the National Security Council (NSC) where he was both senior director for national security in the Office of Cyberspace Security and a member of the President's Critical Infrastructure Protection Board.


Dr. Michele L. MALVESTI

Professor of Practice in International Security, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University


An experienced practitioner in national security, she has served two presidential administrations at the White House. During the Bush Administration, she served more than five years on the National Security Council staff, including as Senior Director for Combating Terrorism Strategy. She briefly returned to the White House in order to co-chair the Presidential study review that reformed the White House organization for homeland security and counterterrorism on behalf of the Obama Administration. She also has worked as a professional in the Intelligence Community, including at the Defense Intelligence Agency and the Joint Special Operations Command. Professor Malvesti also currently serves on the Director’s Advisory Board for the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) and the Board of Directors for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. She also is a Senior Advisor to the Financial Integrity Network, and she serves on the Advisory Board to root9B, a cyber-security services firm. Professor Malvesti received her PhD and MALD from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy.


Mr. Frederick MARMOND

CEO, Tetrane


Frederic has 20 years of experience in software development and reverse-engineering. This double expertise led him to create the TETRANE company in 2011, which processor simulation breakthrough technology aims at automating the software reverse-engineering process.

TETRANE's products are currently mostly used by expert teams inside allied Ministries of Defense and government organizations worldwide, for working on hostile code, analyzing software bugs, internal training, etc. Thus, Frederic has the unique opportunity to combine a very accurate technical expertise, product management skills and cyber-defense market vision.



Chief Security Officer Japan, Palo Alto Networks


Mihoko Matsubara is Chief Security Officer for Japan at Palo Alto Networks. In this role, she is responsible for developing thought leadership, threat intelligence and security best practices for the cyber security community and business executives in Japan.

Prior to this, she served the Japanese Ministry of Defense for nine years. She has had various publications and speakership engagements. Her most recent publications include “Countering Cyber-Espionage and Sabotage



President and CEO Software Engineering Institute, Former Director, USAF Research (MGEN Ret)


Dr. Paul D. Nielsen is the Director and CEO of Carnegie Mellon University's Software Engineering Institute. The SEI is a federally funded research and development center sponsored by the US Department of Defense. The SEI concentrates on software engineering and cybersecurity methods that enhance mission assurance for complex systems. Earlier Nielsen served in the US Air Force, primarily in R&D, and retired as a major general. Nielsen is a member of the U. S. National Academy of Engineering and a Fellow of the IEEE and AIAA. He serves on several boards including the Defense Science Board.


Lieutenant-Colonel Quelpetchin OUATTARA

Director, La Direction de l'Informatique et des Traces Technologiques (DITT)


Officier de gendarmerie, c'est un militaire qui a successivement servi pour la Gendarmerie, l'Armée, et la Police. Le Colonel est issu des Écoles des Forces Armées et Bouaké, et de l'École de Gendarmerie d'Abidjan, après une jeunesse d'enfant de troupe. Enfin, il est diplômé de la prestigieuse FBI National Academy de Quantico (USA) avec pour profil la criminalistique numérique et les systèmes d’intelligence. En plus d'études de génie mécanique et d'électrotechnique, il est ingénieur en informatique, spécialiste des technologies libres avec à son actif le pilotage de nombreux projets TIC dans les domaines des assurances maladie et retraite, des plate-formes de collaboration et de communication, ainsi que de la sécurité des biens et des personnes. Aujourd'hui, le Lieutenant-Colonel Ouattara est Directeur de l'Informatique et des Traces Technologiques au Ministère de l'Intérieur et de la Sécurité de Côte d'Ivoire, dont les missions sont de mettre en œuvre des solutions technologiques pour la sécurité, de conduire les investigations de cybercriminalité et d'apporter l'expertise technologique aux services d'investigation


Mr. Oliver QUINIOU

Head of Europe 2, Corporate Sales, F-Secure 


Olivier Quiniou has more than 15 years experience in IT security and managed services. He has been CEO of F-Secure France since 2007 and is now Head of Corporate Sales, Europe 2 (France, Benelux, UK& Irland)






Lt Gen Robert M SHEA, USMC (Ret)

President, Armed Forces Communication and Electronics Association (AFCEA International), Former Director, J6 US Joint Chiefs of Staff


Lieutenant General (Ret.) Robert M. (Bob) Shea is the President and CEO of the Armed Forces Communication and Electronics Association (AFCEA) International. Formerly he was Executive Vice President for Smartronix. Previous active duty assignments included Director, C4 Systems for The Joint Staff; Deputy Commander, US Forces Japan; Commander Marine Component, Joint Task Force Computer Network Defense; Commanding Officer, 9th Communications Battalion during Desert Shield and Desert Storm; C4 Director; Chief Information Officer; and Director of Intelligence for the Marine Corps and as the Director for Command, Control and Communications (J6) for the US Pacific Command.

Lt Gen Shea served as a study member for the Defense Science Board and the National Research Council on C4 and cyber matters. He had responsibility for developing the first National Military Strategy for Cyber Operations, and also sat on several corporate boards to include Chairman of the Toys for Tots Foundation. 



Lead Incident Response Investigator - EMEA, Symantec


Tim Shipp, Lead Incident Response Investigator GCIH, CCNPS - Tim Shipp is a Lead Incident Response Investigator in Cyber Security Services in EMEA at Symantec. In his role, Mr. Shipp helps clients identify, contain, and eradicate the threat of increasingly sophisticated attack actors as part of Symantec’s Incident Response Service. Prior to joining Symantec, Mr. Shipp was a Lead Network Forensics Investigator and Incident Responder at Thales Cyber. In this previous role Mr. Shipp frequently deployed to global Incident Response engagements including the Far East. Mr. Shipp has extensive experience of leading investigations into cyber-attacks, including malware, network intrusion and data breaches. He has specialized in the investigation of Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) campaigns both with Thales and in previous IT security roles.Mr. Shipp is currently a Captain in the Land Information Assurance Group (LIAG), part of the UK's main Cyber force where he specialises in threat hunting and Cyber-Defence of critical infrastructure.Mr. Shipp has taken part in Cyber Guard 14 as part of the only non-US team and Cyber Guard 15 as an APT attacker.



Cyber Defense Bids Manager (Export) and Expert in Cyber Resilience, THALES


Paul Théron, PhD, FBCI, is Thales cyber-defence bids manager (export) and expert on cyber resilience. He is co-head of the “Aero Spatial Cyber Resilience” research chair under creation by the French Air Force in partnership with Dassault Aviation and Thales. His research in cyber resilience includes: the cyber resilience of massively collaborative systems such as the future European ATM system or Telecommunications infrastructures; Multi Intelligent Agent Systems and Cyber Defence; and cyber resilience multilevel governance frameworks. Former member of ENISA's Permanent Stakeholders Group, he also leads DG JRC’s European Thematic Group on the “Certification of the cybersecurity of Industrial Automation & Control Systems.


Mr. Johanne ULLOA

Cyber Security Specialitst, Trend Micro


Johanne Ulloa has over 15 years of experience in the field of computer security. He started his career as an integrator and publisher in the domain of the Web application security and today he is the Cyber Security Specialist at Trend Micro. 

Cyber Security isn’t just his job, it is also one of his passions. With a group of experts he is hosting the Podcast “NoLimitSecu” dedicated to cyber security in his spare time.