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The CyberDef-CyberSec Influencers Global Directory


To help our global industry to promote the new trends, technologies, events, regulations or alerts, the CyberDef-CyberSec Forum is building the CyberDef-CyberSec Global Influencers Directory.


So if you are a journalist, an international anchor, a freelancer, a blogger, a twitter maniac, a social network influencer or publisher, specialized in cyber defense or cyber security and want to be part of this directory, please contact us now.


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5th CyberDef-CyberSec held with Shield Africa in January 2017 in Abidjan


The next security and defense exhibition Shield Africa held in Januay 2017 in Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire, and organized by Coges Africa, will be hosting the 5th CyberDef-CyberSec Forum dedicated to the safety and security of the connected and smart cities in Africa. More news to come.

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6th CyberDef-CyberSec 2017 in Montreal, Quebec in November 2017


More information to come.



The CyberDef-CyberSec Academy


The CyberDef-CyberSec Forum is engaged in the project of developing and implementing a dedicated post baccalaureate international program to prepare students in a 3-year program in cyber defense and cyber security.

With a lack of at least 1.9 million of technicians and cyber warriors, in the coming 5 years, we are planning to train and form at least 300 people per year, plus adult education and specialized sessions for selected foreign students.

Based in Fontainebleau-Avon, 40 minutes by train from Paris, the CyberDef-CyberSec Academy will be based in a safe and fiber equipped building surrounded by the Seine River and the Fontainebleau forest.


The Academy is close to two French National Gendarmerie schools of Melun and Fontainebleau as well as the international business school of Insead, formerly NATO headquarter in France.

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